Everything In Between

Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope

September 23, 2019 Daniel Kunkel, Chad Gardner, Jessica Senbetu Episode 18
Everything In Between
Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope
Show Notes

In episode eight Daniel sits down with Chad Gardner, the lead singer of Kings Kaleidoscope. Chad has released four albums that have topped the U.S Christian charts. In April, 2019, Chad with Kings Kaleidoscope released "Zeal”, their fourth studio album that focuses on recapturing the wonder of faith. 

In this episode Daniel talks to Chad about how to move from apathy to action in faith. They share their seasons of deconstructing their faith and after the episode, Jessica and Daniel discuss their journeys together about doubt and faith. 

To listen to Chad’s album click here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/zeal/1458153076

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