Everything In Between

Dr. Derwin Gray

October 28, 2019 Daniel Kunkel, Jessica Senbetu, Derwin Gray, Episode 23
Everything In Between
Dr. Derwin Gray
Show Notes

In episode 13 Daniel sits down with Pastor Dr. Derwin Gray. Dr. Gray is the lead pastor at Transformation Church in South Carolina. Dr. Gray is a former NFL player and author of many books including The High Definition Leader: Building Multiethnic Churches in a Multiethnic World (2015).

Daniel talks with Dr. Gray about his story, from being in the NFL, to becoming a lead pastor, how does a church become multi-ethnic, and the comments made about Beth Moore. After the episode, Daniel and Jessica talk about Kanye’s album, multi-ethnic ministries, and much more. 

Buy Dr. Gray’s book here: https://www.amazon.com/High-Definition-Leader-Building-Multiethnic/dp/0718031636/ref=nodl_

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