Everything In Between

Tim Mackie of The Bible Project

November 11, 2019 Daniel Kunkel, Jessica Senbetu, tim mackie Episode 25
Everything In Between
Tim Mackie of The Bible Project
Show Notes

In episode 15 we sit-down with Youtuber, theologian, and all around amazing man, Tim Mackie. Tim co-founded the Bible Project in 2012 on Youtube. The project takes complex stories of the Bible and explains them in a very understandable way over the most amazing animation. Recently, the Bible Project hit one million subscribers on Youtube.  
In this episode we discuss with Tim his story, how the Bible Project came to be. We ask Tim about topics like evolution and inerrancy. After the episode Daniel and Jessica talk about their own stories of how they found the Bible Project and what it has done for them, and Daniel got a new Hydro Flask.  

Find out more about Tim: http://www.timmackie.com/ 

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