Everything In Between

Sandra Van Opstal

November 18, 2019 Daniel Kunkel, Jessica Senbetu, Sandra Van Opstal, Episode 26
Everything In Between
Sandra Van Opstal
Show Notes

In episode 16 we sit-down with Sandra Van Opstal. Sandra Maria Van Opstal, a second-generation Latina, pastors at Grace and Peace Community on the west-side of Chicago.  She is a preacher, liturgist and activist who re-imagining the intersection of worship and justice.

In this episode Daniel and Jess discuss with Sandra about being an activist in order to change how we worship. After the episode, special guest Seth (Daniel’s Dad) makes an appearance, and Daniel Jess discuss the burdens that women carry when speaking publicly.  

Find out more about Sandra: http://www.sandravanopstal.com/about/

Host, Daniel Kunkel (shorturl.at/exIZ1)

Co-Host, Jessica Senbetu (shorturl.at/gjLO7)

Producer, Scott Bolin (shorturl.at/kloX9)

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