Everything In Between

The EIB Team

January 06, 2020 Daniel Kunkel, Jessica Senbetu, Scott Bolin, Sara Kunkel Episode 30
Everything In Between
The EIB Team
Show Notes

In the season 2 finale Daniel, Jess, Scott, and Sara sit down to talk about the highlights of season 2!! 

We talk about our fav Christmas gifts, The Scratch hot chicken sandwiches, and our favorite episodes.  

Also! Daniel has a new website, danieljkunkel.com <http://danieljkunkel.com/>  

Host, Daniel Kunkel (http://shorturl.at/exIZ1

Co-Host, Jessica Senbetu (http://shorturl.at/gjLO7

Producer, Scott Bolin (http://shorturl.at/kloX9

Graphics, Gabe Senbetu (http://shorturl.at/ikJR7

Our theme song is by Joel Adam Russell (http://joeladamrussell.com/)  

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